Are you a woman who is in your 50’s, 60’s 70’s+? This is for YOU!

We Can Redefine Beauty Together


Our society is constantly pushing the narrative that beauty is reserved for the young. People often overlook the elegance, wisdom or sacrifices mature women like you have made, and the remarkable lives you are living. Most of the women in our lives – our Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunts – do not have timeless portraits of themselves because many (like yourself) struggle to be vulnerable enough to be photographed and see their own true beauty radiating from it. They are also so used to spending their whole life focused on everyone around them and often feel a sense of guilt when wanting to do something special for themselves. Does that sound familiar to you?

Let’s change the narrative and create a community that is supportive of those wise women over 50! It’s time to celebrate the allure of mature women like you and challenge the assumption that beauty diminishes with age! It’s time to stand tall and appreciate every smile line, every scar, and grey hair.

Are you ready to jump right in?

You’re No Longer Invisible: This Is What 50 Looks Like


In my 50 Over 50 Project, these portraits will not only reflect your beauty, but will reflect the incredible life you’re living. With each smile line we can remember each of the happiest days of you life where you couldn’t stop laughing, and with each grey hair we can recognize those moments that made you the strong, compassionate woman you are today. 


This is more than just getting pretty pictures taken, this is truly connecting with your inner beauty and creating an unforgettable, empowering experience that will be a legacy to pass on for generations to come. I want to capture your entire essence as a woman.

Why Me? And Why You?


Photography is my passion, and I want to use this project to empower mature women like you. My joy comes from showing women a portrait of themselves that takes their breath away and brings tears to their eyes!


It’ll be an honor to create a positive portrayal of mature women for future generations through this project. This is something your friends and family will appreciate for years to come! But most importantly, this project is for you! I want you to know that you are loved and are worthy of being a part of this project, where these beautiful, authentic images can be something you can be proud of and appreciate for a lifetime. This time it is all about YOU!

YOU are worth it!

What Will You Receive?

Pre-shoot phone consultation. We will discuss all things regarding your photoshoot including wardrobe suggestions and all the details need to know before the big day!


Professional Hair and Makeup by one of Lakeland’s Top Artists – you will arrive at the studio with clean, dry hair (day old hair is perfect too!) and a moisturized face.  Take these few moments to relax and feel pampered. You deserve this!


Full portrait session with up to 3 outfit changes. At your consultations we will go over suggestions for wardrobe and what to bring. This is your day to feel like a covergirl! Do you think you are not photogenic? Let me prove you wrong! I will pose you from head to toe and guide you through every step! There is no need to worry. After a few moments (when I show you the back of my camera) you will feel like a million bucks!


Premier Viewing Appointment. The day after your portrait session you will come back to view all the images we took. This is where you can see all your beautiful photographs, choose your complimentary print and have the opportunity to purchase more. What you purchase is entirely up to you. You can choose from top of the line heirloom quality products that range from an Italian Leather Reveal Folio Box that houses a Collection of your favorite portraits, smaller desk prints all the way up to impact size custom wall art! Every purchased print comes with the corresponding digital file. You will receive (1) Complementary 11×14 matted 7×10” print ($250 value!) as my gift to you for being a part of my 50 over 50 Project!

What does it cost?


I am offering the 50 OVER 50 special promotion package for just $199!

The total value is over $500!



Do this for YOU!

Please schedule a phone consultation to talk about your session.

It’s time to show your true beauty.
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