Couples Session | Lauren and Brian | Lakeland Photographer

Lauren and her boyfriend, Brian, came to Kim Carpenter Portraits for a couples session. Both Brian and Lauren also had individual portraits taken.  She is a repeat customer; she wanted to get portraits done again since she enjoyed the photos from her first session so much. Lauren works at Salon Salvatore in Lakeland, Florida. She performs microblading on her patients. Lauren is planning on moving to Melbourne in the near future. Capture the love you and your significant other share in photographs. Enjoy your memories with your future generations by looking at your beautiful portraits. Make sure you book your session today!

Couple is smiling at camera embracing each other.

A couples session picture.

Woman smiling at camera wearing a white dress. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots

Man's portrait. He's looking toward the Lakeland photographer. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots

Couple sitting on the group with a teal background.

Man with a big smile on his face. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots

Man hugging woman from behind.

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