Professional Headshots | Amy | Lakeland Photographer

Woman wearing a light pink shirt with a black jacket. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsI had a great time photographing Amy, who came to me from Badcock Furniture seeking professional headshots!  She works in the marketing department. Amy had professional makeup and hair done by Kristen Rebimbas, On The Go Beauty Studio. I am very pleased with the photos, what a beautiful professional woman!picture of a woman who is posing for camera after getting a makeover. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots A close picture of a woman with a red professional shirt. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots Woman wearing maroon shirt and black shirt, posing for camera with her hand on her hip. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots A beautiful portrait of a woman who is looking at the camera and has a soft smile. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots
Amy came back for her Reveal Session and brought along her mother to help chose which portraits were their favorites to bring home to her house. Her mom even purchased one of her own portraits of Amy. The reveal is one of my most satisfying parts of the Kim Carpenter Portraits experience because women tell me all the time that they’ve never liked portraits of themselves until now!two women, mom and daughter, looking at professional portraits of the daughter

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