Lakeland Beauty Portraits | Lakeland Photographer

When was the last time YOU were professionally photographed?

When I ask women this question they usually say “at my wedding”. Once in a while they have done a family portrait session or two over the course of 20 years or so. As women specifically we are usually the one behind the phone taking pictures of our loved ones. I want this to change! I want you to be photographed professionally to celebrate various milestones in your life…or even just because. Why? Because you deserve to be pampered, to feel confident, to feel beautiful and to show yourself how the world sees you!

My beauty portrait sessions include makeup and professional hair-styling by some of the top artists and salon owners in the area. Why do I include this service? Because when you step in front of my lens I want you to channel your most confident self. I want you to own who you are at this time in your life. I want to create a legacy for you to have to pass down to your children who will pass it down to their children. Technology is changing daily and there is nothing that will stand the test of time like a printed portrait – a portrait that you can hold in your hand or hang on the wall of your home.

Do this for YOU!

If you are considering being photographed I would like to invite you to my Lakeland
Portrait Studio to discuss how you would like to be photographed. You will be encouraged to bring 4-5 outfits in which you feel amazing! Maybe a gown that you have worn once to that special occasion that now hangs in the back of your closet. Maybe you would like to splurge on an amazing new modern dress that represents you and your style! Whatever it may be we can discuss options that photograph well.

At your portrait session I will guide you from the very first moment you enter my Lakeland portrait studio. You will get settled in and we will look at your final decisions for wardrobe. My hair and makeup artist will discuss how you would like to be styled. When you are all “glammed” up, either with a natural or more dramatic look we will get started with your portrait session. I will help pose you down to your very last finger. There is no need to be nervous or feel pressure to know what poses you are wanting. I am there for you. I have spent years learning how to pose the female body to flatter every shape and size!

If you have a significant other they are welcome to join in the fun toward the end of the session. I will photograph the both of you together and give you beautiful options that you will be proud to share with family and friends. Are you ready? Contact me, the premier Lakeland photographer and we will get started planning YOUR custom photoshoot!