Professional Headshots | Bianca | Lakeland

Bianca came to Kim Carpenter Portraits seeking professional headshots for her online profiles and personal branding. She works as an Area Director with N2 Publishing to help network communities and grow businesses. Specifically, Bianca is a publisher of Eaglebrooke Life for the residents in the community. She is also a sister member of ABWA (American Business Women’s Association), the Lakeland downtown chapter. A couple years ago, her son, who attended McKeel Academy, had senior portraits taken by Kim Carpenter Portraits.Woman gracefully hugs her stomach and smiles at the camera for her professional headshots. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots Lady with beautiful hair and makeup wearing a black dress. She is taking a portrait for work. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsA close up of Bianca smiling at the camera. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsA close picture of a woman with black curls and a black shirt. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsLakeland Photographer, professional headshots, Woman wearing a long sleeve black dress.

Bianca left with a handful of professional headshots, and a couple weeks later she came back and brought home more.

A woman standing and looking at professional headshots on shelves. Woman looking at professional headshots on a wall.

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