Professional Headshots | Vicky | Lakeland Photographer

Vicky booked a session with Kim Carpenter Portraits for professional headshots. She will use the portraits for personal branding and her online profiles. Vicky works for Thrive; she sells products for weight management, fitness, and lean muscle support. She was able to earn a BMW for selling Thrive products, which has always been her dream car. Vicky is looking forward to coming back for updated headshots yearly. She had her hair and makeup done by Brush by Jessica Welsh. Vicky had a nice selection of 15 images and chose her top 3 favorites to be edited and to bring home with her. Woman wearing a white lace shirt and a Thrive sticker is showing on her shoulder. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots Woman smiling at camera with a black shirt and red necklace. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots Woman leaning against a wall and facing the photographer. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsWoman getting makeup applied to her eyes. Lady having her face airbrushed with makeup.

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