Professional Headshots | Sandy | Lakeland Photographer

I was thrilled when Sandy asked me to help her out and photograph her. She needed some new professional headshots for her marketing and promotional materials.She is a Pastor and singer here in Lakeland, FL. It was great to meet her today and have her in the Kim Carpenter Portraits studio! Do you need new personal branding material and/or headshots? It’s important to differentiate yourself from your competition with headshots. It’s a great way to  improve your personal brand and online presence for either profile pictures, cover photos or banners. Contact me today for a consultation – Lakeland FL Photographer!


Woman with a black shirt standing in front of a black background. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsA close photograph of a woman wearing a bright red jacket with her hands on her hips. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsLady with bright blue eyes and dark red lips. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshotsWoman with light hair facing the camera. Lakeland Photographer, professional headshots

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